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Cambridge University Press 2001

The Making of Modern Burma is a history of the country from the nineteenth to early twentieth century. In a sophisticated and much-needed account, the author argues that many aspects of contemporary Burmese society are the creations of the nineteenth century when Burma fought the British and tried to modernize the country. The book will be an important resource for students and policymakers as a basis for understanding contemporary politics and the challenges of the modern state, as well as for historians interested in British colonial expansion during the period.


A sense of loss haunts this thoughtful and provocative book…Reflective interpretations of what became Burma in the nineteenth century are so rare that the arrival of one of this quality must be a cause for celebration.

Southeast Asia Research

"...a well-written and presented analysis of the period. Reseachers on both precolonial- and colonial-era Burma will benefit much from it. It is also recommended for both undergraduate survey courses and postgraduate seminars.

Journal of Asian History

It is very well written, incoporates old and new sources, both Burmese and Western, and has a distinct point of view.

Pacific Affairs

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